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Hair has become dry in the winter season? These simple tips can bring back the lost shine

Hair Care: Hair becomes dry due to cold winds during winter, so washing hair daily should be avoided.

The winter season affects the skin as well as the hair. Due to cold, dryness comes not only in the skin but also in the hair. Due to cold air and dry environment, hair becomes dry and starts falling. Dry and frizzy hair not only looks bad but at times also leads to more dandruff problem. If you are also facing these hair-related problems during the winter season, then through these tips you can get back the shine of your hair.

coconut oil: Nutrient-rich coconut oil nourishes the hair. It makes hair strong and shiny. Therefore, in winters, massage your scalp with coconut oil daily. However, keep in mind that before massaging the head, warm the oil a little. Regular massage with coconut oil also improves the blood circulation of the hair roots.

Do not wash hair too much: During winter, due to the cold winds, the hair becomes dry, so washing the hair daily should be avoided. Because in winter, washing the hair more or more everyday, their nutrition ends. Therefore, hair should not be washed more than twice a week.

Use conditioner on hair: Conditioner removes dryness of hair. In such a situation, do not forget to use conditioner after washing your hair. If you do not have conditioner then you can take help of home remedies. For example, instead of conditioner, use coconut oil in the hair. However, keep in mind that apply this oil only on wet hair.

Lemon and Yogurt Hair Mask: People who are struggling with the problem of dandruff can also use a hair mask made of lemon and curd. For this, add a little lemon to the curd. After washing the hair, apply this mask on your head with light hands. You can use this recipe twice a week.


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