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Hair problems increase during pregnancy, learn how to keep hair healthy in this way

Hairfall during pregnancy: In pregnancy, the body of women goes through many changes. Problems related to skin and hair due to hormonal changes can also be seen during this period. Where high amounts of estrogen in pregnancy make some women’s hair thick and shiny. At the same time, some women also struggle with many hair problems. Behind it, stress, fluctuations of hormones and the use of some medicines make the hair thin and fall. During pregnancy, many women use expensive shampoo to get rid of hair fall problem but it does not matter much. In such a situation, let us know which easy tips you can use to strengthen your hair –

during pregnancy: A high amount of estrogen is released from the body during pregnancy, which can also be harmful for some women. Hair loss is a side effect of this, due to hormonal changes, hair follicles become sensitive. This causes hair loss and becomes very thin. This condition is called ‘telogen effluvium’ which can occur in women in the first trimester.

Post pregnancy and other elements: Experts say that in some cases, women can suffer hair loss even after one to three months of delivery. In addition, birth control pills, miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth also cause hair fall.

How to take care of hair: The shampoo and conditioner commonly used by pregnant women are found to contain parabens, preservatives and fragrances. When women shampoo, these elements start going to the roots and damage the hair. Experts women are advised to refrain from using these hair products. According to him, avoid the use of hair products that contain Harsh cleanser, oil and salicylic acid.

Do not get straightening or permitting treatment during pregnancy, which contains formaldehyde which is considered unsafe during pregnancy. If you want to change your hair products during pregnancy, first consult a doctor.


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