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Hands will remain soft in winter, just follow some easy home remedies

Skin care tips: Beautiful hands are also essential for overall personality. Dry and rough hands serve to reduce your beauty. The problem of dryness in the skin starts due to low temperature and strong cold air during the winter season. Hands are used for every work, as well as it is necessary to take care of hands between work from home. At the same time, the skin of the hand is also affected by repeated washing and sanitizing during the Kovid-19 era. In this case, let us know how to take care of your skin –

wear gloves: Wearing gloves while doing any work, such as cleaning and gardening, prevents the skin of the hands from exposure to harmful chemicals and detergents. In winter, gloves not only keep your hands warm but they also preserve skin moisture. Also, skin starts to crack due to dry winds. In this case, after applying some good cream, come out wearing gloves.

Which cream to use: According to skin experts, beauty products with chemicals can also damage the skin of your hands. In such a situation, the selection of skin care products should be done carefully. Therefore, people should use creams for their hands which contain sufficient quantity of urea, mineral oil, ceramides, urea and hyaluronic acid. In addition, sunscreen with an SPF of 30 can also be used.

Apply Vaseline: Continuous handwash can cause many problems in people with sensitive skin. These include redness of the skin, pain in itching, itching, the formation of a layer of white skin, and even the bursting of the foreskin. To avoid this, apply some cream or Vaseline after washing hands. This will not only improve the skin, but will also prevent damage.

Use this soap: Applying soap many times, the skin starts to dry and dry. In such a situation, washing hands with moisturizing soap can be beneficial. One should try to use soap and handwash for washing hands that use glycerin and lanolin.

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