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Happy Daughter’s Day 2021: ‘Daughters are the blessings of Lakshmi, daughters are the value of Saraswati…’ Send this special message to your daughters on the occasion of Daughter’s Day

Happy Daughters Day 2021: On the special occasion of Daughters Day, you can also wish your sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law through these quotes and messages.

Happy Daughters’ Day 2020 wishes, images, quotes, status, messages: Every year on the fourth Sunday of September, Daughters Day is celebrated all over the world. This year this day is falling on 26 September. This day dedicated to daughters is celebrated as a recognition of their existence and empowerment. On this day parents make their daughters feel special by giving them new gifts.

It started like this: Not only in India, but all over the world, especially in backward and developing countries, women are looked down upon. Some people kill daughters in the womb in the desire of a son. In view of this inequality between boys and girls in the society and to spread awareness in the society, on 11 October 2012, the United Nations decided to celebrate the fourth Sunday of September as ‘Daughters Day’. Since then this day has been dedicated to daughters in every country.

On the occasion of ‘Daughter’s Day’, people wish their daughters and daughters-in-law. On this special day, you can also wish your sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law through these quotes and messages-

1- Daughter is a beautiful image of God,
Son diamond is a priceless pearl, daughters,
Lord becomes very happy by making them.
Daughters cherish every relationship with great love,
Happy Daughter’s Day 2021

2- The sound of the conch shell in the temple is daughter,
Daughter is the fire of the Havan Yagya of the gods,
Lucky are those who have a daughter in their courtyard,
Daughter is the mother of all the happiness of the world,
Happy Daughter’s Day 2021

3- You are also my moon, you are also my sky,
You are also the sweetest in this place,
You are also my heart, you are also his heartbeat.
To be honest, you are also my reason for living,
Happy Daughter’s Day 2021

4- Daughters are not less than sons,
When she fills up,
Those who understood less,
Remove their breath with a hum,
Happy Daughter’s Day 2021

5- Daughters are the boon of Lakshmi,
Saraswati’s value is daughters,
Daughters are the form of the goddess and the value of the gods,
Daughters are the lamps that illuminate the family of the family.
Happy Daughter’s Day 2021


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