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Happy Guru Purnima 2021 Wishes Images, Quotes: What is the importance of Guru Purnima, know the method of worship with auspicious time

Happy Guru Purnima 2021 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages:… There is a tradition of celebrating festivals of every religion in India with pomp. It is believed that Ved Vyas ji was born on the day of Guru Purnima. This day is celebrated with great reverence in the country. Although the importance of every full moon is very high, but Guru Purnima, also known as Vyas Purnima, is considered extremely fruitful. Please tell that Vyas ji is considered the first Guru.

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of Ashadha, the fourth month of the Hindu calendar. It is said that for the first time the knowledge of the four Vedas was given to mankind by Ved Vyas ji. In the year 2021, the Muhurta of Guru Purnima will be from Friday 23rd July, 10:30 am to Saturday 24th July, 8.6 am.

Since the Mahabharata period, the position of the Gurus has been the highest in the country. Teachers take the disciple out of darkness and take him to the right path, Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay respect to the gurus. In such a situation, share best wishes on this special occasion –

1. Gururbrahma gururvishnuh gururdevo maheshwarah.
Gurureva Parambrahm Tasmay Sri Gurve Namah.
Happy Guru Purnima!

2. Paper all the earth,
Write all banaray |
Let me massage the seven seas,
Guru qualities should not be written.
Happy Guru Purnima

3. Taught Lessons of Peace,
The darkness of ignorance dispelled,
Guru taught us,
Love is victory over hate.
Hearty congratulations on Guru Purnima

4. One who has respect for
Whose scolding also has a wonderful knowledge,
gives birth to many great personalities,
That guru is the greatest.


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