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‘Happy New Year …’ Give something like this to wish your New Year to begin

Happy New Year 2021 Whatsapp Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Photos, Pics: The new year 2021 has started. Most people wait for the year 2020 to end before the New Year begins. Many have understood the meaning of life after the year of the global pandemic Corona virus. The importance of time and importance of loved ones has to be known. People wholeheartedly awaited 2021 with new hopes and energy. Many people started celebrating the New Year from 12 noon. From cutting the cake to wishing your loved ones on this special day, a craze is made in people for the New Year.

1. Flowers will bloom in Gulshan
You will see beauty,
Of last year
Sour and sweet memories will remain with you,
Let’s celebrate together
Happy new year,
First morning of the year 2021
Happiness will bring countless !!
Happy new year

2. The decoration of new leaves adorns the branches,
Sweet dishes are everywhere.
Sweetly speaking,
All a couple’s sister.
With happiness
Let’s celebrate the new year this time.

3. The New Year has brought chimes of golden dreams,
New Year has brought precious gifts of happiness,
New Year has brought flowers in your way,
The new year has brought the scent of deafening smells
Happy new year 2021

4. Do not be sad
There is no sorrow,
No eyes anytime
Nobody’s moist!
No heart breaks anyone,
Leave no one with anyone!
Just the river of love flows,
Wish that 2021 be like this .. !!


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