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Harvey Weinstein dismissed on two pre-trial sexual assault charges in California

Harvey Weinstein, already convicted of rape in New York, appears in court in Los Angeles, charged with rape and sexual assault by five women.

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Guilty in New York, still charged in Los Angeles. Former film producer Harvey Weinstein was dismissed Thursday, July 29 by a California judge for his request to dismiss two counts of sexual assault on a woman. Already convicted of rape in New York, he was transferred the week to the western state of the United States, where he is now appearing in court, accused of rape and sexual assault by five women.

The judge in charge of the case rejected the defense lawyers’ assertion that acts of rape and forced oral sex, which allegedly took place in a hotel room between 2004 and 2005, fell under statute of limitations . The magistrate, however, upheld a defense request concerning a charge of sexual assault against another woman in 2010, ordering prosecutors to change their charge so that the prosecution can take its course.

Producer’s lawyer Mark Werksman told reporters outside the court after the hearing that“a fifth of the prosecution file had been eviscerated”. A preliminary hearing in the case has been set for September 13. 69-year-old Harvey Weinstein is serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York. The producer has pleaded not guilty to all 11 charges he faces in Los Angeles. If convicted in this trial, a 140-year prison sentence could be added to the existing one.

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