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“He needs a more structured environment, like that of Real Madrid”: Ibrahimovic advises Mbappé to leave PSG

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to his comments on the Mbappé case, in a crazy interview for the Corriere della Sierra.

On the eve of the publication of his new autobiography ““Adrenalina, My untold stories»In all the Italian bookstores, Zlatan answered about fifty questions for the Corriere della Serra , a Milanese newspaper. The native of Malmö comes back, pell-mell, on the events that marked his personal and professional life. Between the death of his brother Sakpo, his comments about France in 2015 and his abortive transfer to Napoli before returning to AC Milan, Zlatan has given us many secrets.

Mbappé needs a more structured environment

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the PSG striker

As usual, the former PSG legend plays football teachers. And when it comes to Kylian Mbappé, Zlatan rarely has his tongue in his pocket. The two men, who seem to have good relations, had posed together on the Instagram of the French this summer. When the journalist asks him: “Is it true that you advised Mbappé to leave PSG?Zlatan replies: “Yes, he needs a more structured environment like Real Madrid. But I told the president of PSG not to sell it“.

As a reminder, at the end of last October, he had already mentioned the name of French at Telefoot, believing that Bondy’s crack did not “not enough“. “He is too much in comfort, in his zone. He must walk on fire. Imagine how strong he can get if he hurts himself. He must smell the taste of bloodHe added. The man with 156 goals in the capital club had not been kind to the current workforce of PSG either, saying that today’s PSG was “less strongThan the one he had known. Zlatan in the text.


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