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Health pass: places where it becomes mandatory on August 9

♦ Cafés, bars and restaurants

Restaurant owners and cafetiers are required to check the sanitary pass of their customers who want to consume inside the rooms, but also on the terrace. This is the point that worries them the most and makes them fear a drop in attendance.

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Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said the executive was aware of the impact of the pass on the day-to-day organization of professionals facing these new rules. He also explained that this first week would be a kind of week of “ lapping “.

♦ Museums, cinemas and libraries

Already compulsory since July 21 in museums, cinemas, festivals, stadiums, gyms and theme parks welcoming more than 50 people, the health pass will now be applied in all these places regardless of the level of attendance. The principle of the gauge, on the other hand, disappears.

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Municipal libraries and documentation centers are accessible on presentation of the health pass, except for specialized and university libraries, the National Library of France and the Public Information Library outside exhibition spaces.

♦ Hospitals and nursing homes

Except in an emergency, access to health services and establishments, whether public or private, is subject to presentation of a valid health pass (hospitals, nursing homes, screening centers, nursing homes, etc. .).

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This concerns both patients received punctually for treatment or scheduled interventions, as well as their companions or visitors. Currently, the notion of “emergency” remains subject to the assessment of the nursing staff.

♦ Public services

The health pass will not be requested at the entrance to public service structures, social centers and courts or judicial structures. It also does not apply to penal establishments and places of detention, unless it is a health unit.

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♦ Shops

The health pass may be required, by decision of the departmental prefectures, in large shopping centers of more than 20,000 square meters. “When their characteristics and the seriousness of the contamination risks justify it”, says the decree.

♦ Transport

Interregional trains (TGV, Ouigo, Intercités, international trains), coaches (except regional and urban buses) and domestic flights will no longer be permitted without a health pass. At the SNCF, this concerns no less than 750 trains every day and 400,000 journeys. The controls will not be systematic but the SNCF promises them “ massive »And possible at any time of the trip.

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People without a pass checked before boarding will not be able to board. Those who take a train without a pass and who are caught in the act during the journey or arrival incur a fine of 135 €. The on-board control teams will be specific teams, accompanied by security officers. Only the police will have the right to ask for an identity document.

Finally, it should be noted that teams in certain large stations (recognizable by their blue vests or wristbands) will be able to pre-check the pass, on request, shortly before the departure of the train and give a single-use blue paper wristband which will avoid a possible check. at the quay.

♦ Work

The pass is required at seminars and trade shows from Monday. As of August 30, it will also be compulsory for employees and public officials in places requiring it to their customers. Collective catering in companies as well as professional road and rail catering are exempt from the pass.

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Possible fines and prison terms

The law provides that professionals will have to control the passes but that only the police will be able to claim an identity document. Sanctions are provided for in the event of non-compliance with the law, the usurpation of a health pass or falsification. Thus, for individuals, bypassing the obligation of the health pass to access places or activities subordinate to its possession, is punishable by a fine of 135 €.

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Another legal safeguard: according to information revealed by the Sunday newspaper August 8, a circular from the Ministry of Justice prepares a new incrimination for those who present an authentic health pass, but belonging to others. With a fine, also of € 135, but doubled in the event of a repeat offense within 15 days and even € 3,750 and up to 6 months in prison for a third offense in a month.

Finally, the law provides for formal notices, which can go as far as administrative closure, for professionals who do not control health passes, and even to penalties of up to € 9,000 in fines and one year of payment. imprisonment if the breaches are noted more than three times in 45 days.


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