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Heavy rains and floods: the Gard placed in red vigilance

The Gard went into a state of red vigilance on Tuesday, September 14 at midday in the face of the risk of flooding following thunderstorms and heavy rains, Météo France reported. This pluvio-stormy situation must continue until the beginning of the afternoon in the north of the Hérault and especially in the Gard, with locally violent thunderstorms and not very mobile, in particular on the first reliefs of this department.

If at midday the Gard firefighters explained that they had not yet carried out ” significant interventions related to this meteorological event », 23 people trapped in their vehicle had been brought to safety. Some 70 non-emergency interventions for flooded premises or water infiltration will be treated once the rainy episode is over, they added.

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The rains made traffic difficult on part of the A9 motorway and the entrance ramp to the Gallargues interchange (n ° 26), between Nîmes and Montpellier, was closed, in the direction of Lyon and the Spain. TER traffic was interrupted between Nîmes and Montpellier with a resumption of circulation estimated at 4 p.m.

Firefighters specializing in pre-positioned whitewater rescue

The precipitation, which affects the Vaunage, the south of Nîmes and the Costières, “ could be accompanied by hail and strong electrical activity “, Warned the firefighters. Preventively, 12 firefighters specializing in whitewater rescue were pre-positioned towards Nîmes and 20 other firefighters positioned as reinforcements in the rescue centers of Uzès and Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoire, said Commander Tanguy Salgues du Gard departmental fire and rescue service.

In the morning, the heavy rainfall had notably caused the cut-off of several departmental roads, in particular in the Vidourle sector, around the town of Quissac, where water infiltration was observed in a room of the college, specified the prefecture of Gard on Twitter.

South of Nîmes, the rains swelled the Rhony River by 1.50 m in the space of a few minutes, according to Vigicrues.


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