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His parents did not come to Paswan’s second marriage, know what was the reason

Ram Vilas Paswan: When Ram Vilas Paswan reached Delhi after winning the Lok Sabha elections for the first time in the year 1977, here he met Gurbachan Singh, who was working as Deputy Director in the Ministry of Commerce. Singh and all his fellow officers were fans of Paswan. Gradually, the closeness between the two grew and the coming home also started. During this time, for the first time Ram Vilas Paswan met Gurbachan Singh’s daughter Avinash Kaur, who was a graduate student at that time.

Avinash Kaur and Ram Vilas Paswan Slowly they got closer and decided to get married. However, when Ram Vilas Paswan was 7-8 years old, his princess was married to Devi. But there was a difference of ground and sky between the two. Paswan later separated from his first wife and married Avinash Kaur. Kaur changed her name to Reena Paswan after marriage.

In the recent biography of Paswan “Ram Vilas Paswan: Sankalp, Courage and Struggle” from Penguin Publications, Pradeep Srivastava has presented all the stories related to his personal life in an interesting way.

Did not tell the parents about the second marriage: Pradeep Srivastava writes quoting Paswan that from whose side the marriage proposal was made, it is not remembered. There was only one hindrance in the marriage and it was Paswan’s parents. Paswan was afraid that if he was told about the second marriage, he would not get angry. In such a situation, the matter of marriage was not told to him and he did not even attend the wedding. Later there was some resentment but after about 2 years of marriage, he accepted Reena as the daughter-in-law.

In-laws reached by bullock cart: In fact, when the occasion of marriage of Ram Vilas Paswan’s youngest brother Ramchandra Paswan came, Reena Paswan had to go to her native village Shahrabani in Bihar for the first time. This was her first visit to her in-laws’ house located in a remote area of ​​Bihar. At that time the means of transport was not so easy. Ram Vilas Paswan along with wife Reena first reached Khagaria and from here left for Alauli by jeep but the jeep got damaged on the way. Forced to walk several kilometers and later reached home with the help of a bullock cart.

Something like this was the reaction of mother-in-law: Reena Paswan recalls that when we reached home by bullock cart, Babuji was standing at the door. I was told not to touch father-in-law’s feet in Bihar, but I could not stop myself. He bowed down and touched Babuji’s feet. He looked with a shuddering look and just asked, do you recognize me? Who am I? Glad to hear my answer. The next day she went and sat beside him. Keep asking something or the other. Slowly his anger started melting.

Paswan’s father used to call as ‘Mem Saheb’: Reena Paswan remembers that when Ram Vilas Paswan Her father i.e. her father-in-law’s health deteriorated and when she was brought to Delhi, she always sat next to him. She took care of all his needs. She says that Babuji used to call me as Mem Saheb.

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