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Honda Air Blade limited edition to dealers, priced from 41.99 million VND

Limited edition of Honda Air Blade sold on dealer system from 11/10, suggested retail price from 41.99 million VND, the highest is 55.79 million VND for 150 ABS version.

The system of Honda Authorized Service and Car Sales (HEAD) stores nationwide started selling the limited edition Honda Air Blade from October 11. This is the version that Honda has renewed the outstanding stamp set, applied to the 125 and 150 cc Air Blade engines. Both of these limited editions are equipped with a Honda Smart Key with anti-theft alarm.

Limited edition Honda Air Blade (center) on the first day of sale at HEAD. Photo: Giang Huy.

Mr. Le Duc Hai, manager of HEAD Honda Sales 2 (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said that today the store started selling the limited edition Air Blade. “Air Blade is one of the best-selling scooter models on the HEAD Revenue system, this limited edition launch will help users have more new, more personal and unique options,” said Mr. Hai. “Currently, we are selling a limited edition Air Blade at the suggested retail price of Honda Vietnam”.

Specifically, the suggested retail price of Air Blade 125 CBS limited edition is 41.99 million VND, 150 ABS limited edition is priced at 55.79 million VND (including VAT). Vehicles enjoy a warranty period of 3 years or 30,000 km, whichever comes first.

Air Blade 125 cc and 150 cc limited editions have gray paint, a new set of contrasting orange stamps, creating cuts around the logo, combined with the words Limited Edition. The 150cc Air Blade version makes a difference with the front windshield and two-tone saddle.

The set of stamps on the limited edition of the Air Blade 150.

The set of stamps on the limited edition of the Air Blade 150.

In addition to the changes in the new stamp set, this model retains the main design points. LED lights and LED positioning lights are always on, simulating the styling on Honda’s large displacement models. The watch face is a digital LCD screen, neatly designed, optimizing the amount of information displayed.

Air Blade uses an eSP engine, an optimized air filter and exhaust pipe. The capacity is 13 horsepower at 8,500 rpm in the 150 engine. The 125 engine has a capacity of 11.2 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. Equipped with Honda Smart Key smart lock to help bring more peace of mind than a conventional lock system. Version 150 has ABS anti-lock braking system for the front wheels. A convenient USB charging port is located in the storage compartment, providing 12W of power when the motor is running.

The charging port is located inside the trunk.

The charging port is located inside the trunk.

The new generation Air Blade was launched by Honda Vietnam in December 2019 with upgrades to satisfy users in a new trend. This is a strong transformation of Honda, when it first launched a 150 cc engine version for this model. In Vietnam, the Air Blade is one of Honda’s main sales drivers, the top-selling mid-range sport scooter in the segment.

Tuan Vu (Photo: Giang Huy)


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