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Honda City added a cheap version of 499 million dong

City E version cuts equipment compared to G version, iron rims, felt seats, no screen, reverse camera, 30 million dong cheaper than the G version.

On April 28, Honda dealers simultaneously offered to sell the cheapest version located under the G, City E version at 499 million dong, 30 million dong cheaper than the G 529 million. City E has 3 colors: white, black, silver, 6 colors less than the rest.

The engine and safety equipment of the E version are similar to the other versions with a CVT automatic transmission and the 1.5 machine produces 119 horsepower, 145 Nm of torque. The car still has standard safety equipment and has no electronic balance cutoff. However, the manufacturer has no information about the number of air bags.

The front end of the E version is still the same as the G version.

On the exterior, if the G version is alloyed, the E version is only equipped with iron rims but retains the same 15 inch size, the steering wheel is the same as the G version. Front and rear lights are equipped like the G version with the front being halogen projector, but the fog lights are omitted. The taillights are still LED, but the reverse lights and the turn signals are halogen.

The turn signal light is also brought down to the body instead of the rearview mirror like the G version. The rear does not have an outside button and lacks the door release button on the handle.

The E version has the same design as the G version, still uses the button start, but omits the entertainment screen instead of the TFT screen, mechanical air conditioning, felt seats, plastic steering wheel, no reverse camera, no gas automatically like the rest of the versions. The front seats lack armrests and the rear row has only two headrests and lacks armrests and rear row headrests.

The rearview mirror is electrically adjustable but flexed, the steering glass does not go up and down in one-touch form. Overall design details, E version space is not much different from G version.

The E version does not have a large screen like the G version.

The E version does not have a large screen like the G version.

With the price of 499 million dong, the E version will be aimed at customers running the service, when cutting many unnecessary utilities to reduce the price. At this price, City increases its competitiveness with competitors when the cheapest automatic version Accent costs 501 million VND, Vios the lowest automatic transmission costs 531 million VND.

According to Honda dealers, the E version is still given incentives like other versions with 10-20 million accessories and possibly lower. Thus, the actual price of City E version is close to B models- like Attrage or Soluto.

City’s first quarter sales are gradually chasing Vios but still quite far from Accent.

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