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Honda cooperates with AutoX to develop autonomous vehicles

ChinaThe two companies will launch a series of self-propelled taxis with Honda brand, AutoX technology.

AutoX is considered the leader in autonomous vehicle technology in China, and through this cooperation, Honda will take advantage of AutoX’s advanced technology and experience in testing and deploying autonomous vehicles in Densely populated cities across China.

Honda will supply AutoX with the Accord and Inspire test cars, they will learn more deeply about China’s traffic environment and work towards establishing familiarization with traffic conditions and safety of driving technology. automatic.

Models in the test. Image: Honda’s motobike

AutoX currently operates more than 100 robotaxi across China, including the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan. The self-driving company claims its autonomous platform is capable of handling the densest and most dynamic traffic conditions in cities and towns around the world. Last July, the company received a fully unmanned robotaxi license from DMV California, becoming the first company to have a license from China. In January, AutoX launched the first robotaxi service in China.

In March, Honda launched a level 3 autonomous vehicle on the Legend, although the system is currently limited to the Japanese market. Honda’s Level 3 self-driving system determines the vehicle’s position and road conditions using data from 3-dimensional high-definition maps via a global positioning satellite system. The system also has a camera that continuously monitors the driver to ensure they remain focused on the road, even when the self-driving system is activated.

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