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Honda CR-V – Japanese car is not conservative

CR-V is a rare Japanese model in the segment that ensures good driving elements, spacious interior, comfort and many safety technologies.

The Japanese are known to be conservative in all matters, and so are cars. But that doesn’t seem to be true for Honda. Since its inception, its car lines have carried sporty DNA, which gives good driving pleasure, dynamic performance, much inspiration to the popular segment, of course not the extreme sport of the expensive cars. In Civic, CR-V or even “junior” City, drivers find excitement on the way to work every day.

A family has a picnic with Honda CR-V.

Founder Soichiro Honda once said, without racing, there would be no Honda. His car company participated in early MotoGP and F1 races, all of which are the world’s top speed arenas.

Honda showed the radical right when it introduced the first assembled CR-V in Vietnam in 2008. At that time, the car was identical to the US version. Normally, customers think that small markets like Vietnam will only receive 1-2 car models later, but the CR-V is different. Honda’s crossover model created a distance from the two famous names at that time, the Ford Escape and the Chevrolet Captiva. At that time, the CR-V had two independent air-conditioning, safety technology with 4 airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, electronic balance – things very different from the segment. then.

By 2013, Honda launched the new CR-V which was another breakthrough. Design “humpback” became the specialty of this generation. Although it is not suitable for some customers, this CR-V’s design shows advantages in terms of space for the rear occupants, the trunk of the luggage and the car’s stance. In this generation, in addition to the 2.4 engine, the car is added to the 2.0 version. This is also the first time the car has been equipped with cruise control. The safety system is still the CR-V’s strong point compared to other locally assembled cars.

Luggage compartment on Honda CR-V.

Luggage compartment on Honda CR-V.

To the next generation introduced at the end of 2017, once again, the CR-V is one of the leading vehicles in innovation in product philosophy. The car gives up the controversial humpback style, the lines become smoother, sharper and more complete. More importantly, the CR-V moved from 5 seats to 7 seats, 5 + 2 format. The flexible customization of using 5 or 7 seats helps car owners to solve the problem when traveling with many people. If lowering two seats, the trunk space is quite spacious.

This life CR-V also has a big change under the bonnet. The previous generation 2.0, 2.4 engine was replaced by a 1.5 turbo machine to save more fuel while ensuring power power and torque. Along with the new machine is a new transmission form CVT. These equipment are pioneering in the price range.

To the latest version, what many customers have been waiting for is Honda Sensing technology, which is also introduced by the company on the new CR-V. Usability is also more focused with trending features. Wireless phone charging. Hands-free trunk open. Camera lane watch, a very useful feature that helps drivers avoid a blind spot on the body, something that competitors do not have. Like the first day of its launch in 2008, the Vietnamese version is also fully equipped with safety and amenities not inferior to the US market, where the CR-V regularly ranks at the top of sales.

Driver center dashboard on CR-V.

Driver center dashboard on CR-V.

Fast innovation is sometimes not a safe approach from a business perspective, because at that time customers have not yet caught up to fully understand these changes. But when a company is ready to innovate, it is trying to bring customers the most advanced technology in the industry, so that Vietnamese consumers can access the latest products, worth the money of the rice bowl.

Honda also does not have to wait long for efforts to be demonstrated by numbers. Since being sold in 2008, CR-V has risen to become the best-selling car of the company. For many years, the crossover model has always had sales at the top of the segment. In the two most recent years, 2019-2020, CR-V is at the top position or runner-up in the segment.

The Vietnamese car market is like a young forest sprouting after the rain. Brands are trying to cover products at different price ranges. In the middle of the vehicle matrix, customers sometimes get confused because they do not know which one is right for them, especially when Korean cars are emerging as a stone to block Japanese cars that have been famous for many years. To conquer a new class of customers, it is best to combine the criteria of both schools. That is in the Honda CR-V.

CR-V is a Japanese car, durable and reliable like many other country names. The CR-V also has an updated design, equipped with many amenities such as Korean cars. At the same time, Honda’s model also has its own feature that Korean cars and many Japanese models do not have, is the ability to operate sports, dynamically with racing DNA from the beginning.

To go to work, pick up children every day, use the whole family, the car must be spacious and comfortable. If you want the top sports car, you have to spend billions on buying a European car. But if there is only more than 1 billion, the CR-V is the choice to harmonize the above requirements, a Japanese model but has never been conservative.

Nguyen Khoa
Photo: HVN.


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