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Honda offers 100% registration fee for 3 imported car models

Customers who buy imported Honda Civic, HR-V, Brio cars in December will be supported by 100% of the registration fee by the Japanese company, applicable from 1 to 31 December 2021.

The 100% registration fee incentive program for three imported car models was launched by Honda Vietnam at the time of applying Decree 103/2021, reducing 50% of registration fees for domestically manufactured and assembled cars.

Honda Civic RS version. Photo: HVN.

Specifically, this program is jointly implemented by Honda Vietnam with Honda Automobile Distributors, applied to customers who buy Civic, HR-V and Brio cars in December, nationwide. To receive 100% registration fee support (excluding VAT), users need to complete the payment procedure between December 1 and December 31. The actual support value will depend on the registration fee level in each province or city.

The company also notes, customers enjoying this offer will not be entitled to other incentives under the previous agreement between the buyer and the Distributor, unless approved by the Distributor.

Honda Civic is a C-class sports sedan, imported from Thailand by Honda Vietnam. The car has an RS version (Road Sailing), for a group of customers who prefer sporty personality. Civic uses 1.5 VTEC turbocharged engine on RS version.

Honda HR-V imported from Thailand.  Photo: HVN.

Honda HR-V imported from Thailand. Photo: HVN.

Similar to Civic, HR-V is imported CBU from Thailand, belongs to B-class urban CUV segment. The car is designed in the direction of sport, multi-function space with unique flexible and customizable Magic Seat rows.

The Brio A-size hatchback imported from Indonesia has three optional versions. The Japanese company positions this model to be suitable for users who often travel in urban areas, with a youthful, dynamic design and many personality color options. Vehicles using 1.2 engine, i-VTEC technology, capacity of 89 horsepower and traction 110 Nm. Safety technologies include ABS, EBD, BA, two airbags…

Honda Brio is a personality hatchback model, suitable for daily travel in urban areas.  Photo: HVN.

Honda Brio is a personality hatchback model, suitable for daily travel in urban areas. Photo: HVN.

From this month, Honda Vietnam’s locally assembled car models City and CR-V are eligible for a 50% reduction in registration fees, according to the guidance of Decree 103/2021, applied from now until the end of May. next year.

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