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Honda Vietnam recalls 3 models of motorcycles with ABS brakes

Total 328 units including CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X genuine distribution in Vietnam have ABS controller error.

On October 21, Honda Vietnam announced the recall of three large displacement models of the 500 cc series. All three are genuine imported from Thailand. According to the Japanese automaker, the cause of the recall is due to a problem with the ABS controller that causes the vehicle to reduce braking force.

Car model Year of manufacture Quantity (pcs)
CBR500R 8/2019-1/2020 89
CB500F 11/2019-1/2020 39
CB500X 7/2019-1/2020 198

When decelerating with the front brake manually, the force acting on the brake lever is reduced and lighter than usual, leading to an abnormal increase in the brake stroke, reducing the braking efficiency and increasing the braking distance. This phenomenon affects the safety of operation.

Honda said that the cause is due to the ABS modulator that distributes brake fluid of the ABS anti-lock braking system, which is responsible for controlling, supplying and creating brake fluid pressure from the brake lever or foot to the brake pad according to the condition. manufacturer’s case. The unit that manufactures the ABS modulator regulates the amount of non-standard grease during the maintenance of the greaser for the modulator.

89 CBR500Rs were recalled in Vietnam. Photo: Honda’s motobike

During use, the excess grease moves along the oil line and gets stuck at the oil outlet valve, making the ball channel, opening the oil outlet, leading to a decrease in brake pressure, causing the stroke of the front brake hand to increase and decrease the braking force. .

Troubleshooting time is about 3.5 hours for each vehicle, including technical handling and inspection time. The recalled customers do not have to pay any associated fees. The implementation period is from October 21, 2021 to October 19, 2022 nationwide.

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