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How alcohol addiction is a hindrance in getting child happiness, understand from the doctor

Alcohol can affect your sperm count, size, shape and density. Consumption of alcohol in men can cause many problems.

Alcohol is becoming a part of our lifestyle which is a bad situation. But when it comes to alcohol and fertility, the focus is often on women. Let us tell you that excessive consumption of alcohol can have a bad effect on the fertility of men. According to a study, alcohol consumption can affect your sexual health. It can cause libido and infertility in both men and women.

If you also consume more alcohol, then be careful, it may become a hindrance in your child happiness later because alcohol has a bad effect on sperm according to doctors. Does drinking alcohol in general harm fertility? Also doesn’t alcohol affect male fertility? And how much drinking alcohol can make you impotent? Like, for better information on the subject, we have talked to Dr Lokesh Kumar Meena, Senior Medical Officer of Ajmer, Ajmer.

Hormonal changes: Talking to, senior medical officer of Ajmer, Dr Lokesh Kumar Meena said, ‘Testosterone is considered to be the most important hormone in men. Due to this hormone, having good quality of sperm in men, growth of bone and muscles, muscle body etc. If there is a deficiency of this hormone in the body of men, then there may be a problem of infertility in men. Meaning that you will not get the happiness of becoming a father in the future. Because if you consume alcohol, there will be a bad effect on the liver, due to which the androgen hormone will be converted into estrogen. This will increase the problem of infertility. (Also read- These 5 tips of Baba Ramdev are helpful in increasing sperm count, know)

Infertility problem: According to Dr Meena, excessive drinking causes liver disease in the body and the level of male hormone testosterone also decreases, without this hormone fertility is not possible. In fact, if you consume more alcohol than necessary, then the blood alcohol level will increase, which can lead to problems like low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction. Due to the consumption of alcohol, the production of sperm will be reduced and the sperm quality may drop. Due to which there can be problem of infertility and the semen shrinks. (Also read- These 4 foods can be effective in increasing sperm count, include them in your diet today)

Symptoms: According to Dr. Meena, some special symptoms are seen in those who have the problem of infertility. If you see symptoms such as having trouble conceiving a partner, the person being in depression, feeling excessively hot, not being able to concentrate for a long time, excessive hair fall, irritability, etc., then you should consult a doctor immediately. At the same time, like men, testosterone hormone is present in women too. In women, when this hormone is low, they may feel weakness in the bones.


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