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How are more than 8,000 cars loaded on ships?

The Höegh Trapper is 200 m long, 36 m wide, with 14 decks and a total cargo area of ​​more than 71,000 m2, enough room for 8,500 cars.

Trapper’s journey is about 28,000 km. The starting point was Antwerp, Belgium – where Per Henningsen – cargo supervisor – had to get 1,000 cars on board in just 16 hours. Next stop in Bremerhaven, Germany. In addition to 2,000 cars, Henningsen had to bring on board 200 heavy machines.

From Bremerhaven, the ship continued on to England, France and Spain and then across the Atlantic. From there Trapper docks at ports in the US and Jamaica, via the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean and straight to New Zealand and Australia. All within 50 days.

The “bottleneck” of the Panama Canal is more than 100 years old and was originally designed for the largest ships of the time with a maximum width of 32.3 meters. With a ship as huge as the Trapper, that wasn’t enough. But the canal was renewed and expanded in 2007 and from 2016 ships like the Trapper can pass through, albeit with equal strain each time.

Video made around 2016. Vietsub: Minh Thuy

***Sequel: “The Big Machines On The Ship”

America – England (follow Free Documentary)


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