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‘How did I choose to buy a 1.1 billion dong car’

I thought the billionaire had to go for an urban CUV for the sleeker, but luckily, in the end I chose according to functionality.

Last year, I decided to change my car from an old Vios bought from my brother to a high-powered, D-sized car. After many years of small cars, I realized there are many disadvantages compared to big cars, only one. One more advantage is the ability to wriggle when walking on a busy street, and the fuel consumption I do not care much about. That is to say, covid luckily does not affect much income, so I still buy a car, because for reference, the price is also reasonable.

Calculating the amount of money I have, after excluding the rolling costs, I can buy cars with a list price of about 1.1 billion. Now there are two options: SUV or CUV. If the SUV has Fortuner, Everest and Pajero Sport, while the CUV has Santa Fe, Sorento and I like the CR-V even in the lower segment.

If buying an SUV, exclude first. After using the Vios, to be honest I don’t like Toyota cars anymore, although everything is very stable, sufficiently functional and especially economical, but I find the cars have no highlight, because everything is just right, enough to use. The Everest is also pretty cool, but I like the durability of Japanese cars and aim for the Pajero Sport.

If I buy the CUV, I do not like the Santa Fe’s steering wheel because it is too light, it feels unreal. Left, the new Sorento came out and the CR-V. With 1.1 billion bought the lowest version of Sorento and the highest version of the CR-V. The family also has only 4 people, the couple and two young children, so I prefer the high village, thinking about the CR-V.

So there are two candidates remaining, Pajero Sport and CR-V. I borrowed the Pajero Sport that a friend was using, ran to work, and put it next to a colleague’s CR-V to see the more muscular SUV look. In particular, the chassis is higher, the exit angle is better, so if you have to go to work in the province, running in the mountains will be better. So I locked the SUV Pajero Sport, although I also enjoyed the sporty performance, precise steering wheel of the CR-V. Well, I had to make another appointment for a Honda car.

Up to now, having used the car for 3 months, I feel that my decision is reasonable. The majestic appearance of the SUV makes me look “cool” every time I get off the bus and really manly. Urban car design is not as grumpy as previous generations so my wife and children like it.

The most important thing is still operation. For my wife and children, sitting in the car is much more comfortable than the previous Vios because of the wide open space, high rooftop, cool air conditioner, clean dust filter. Soundproofing system, shock absorber is quite good in the segment.

As for me, the driver. The first is the Mitsubishi 2.4 MIVEC oil machine, quite quiet when idling and good throttle response when operating, partly thanks to the combination of an 8-speed gearbox. Unfortunately, the steering wheel is still oil-assisted, not as light as the Everest’s electric power, but lighter than many of the Fortuner oil-assisted powertrains. My favorite thing about this machine is that when accelerating at a mid-speed threshold, about 60 km / h or more, pedal is accelerating, very useful when you want to pass a highway. Fuel consumption is not high, only about 9 liters / 100 km mixed.

Since I took my car back or had to go to the province, I feel quite reassured by driving the rear wheel, running the mountain pass comfortably. If I have money, I will change to the two-wheel version, whenever I need to go to the deep version, go off-road is more secure. But for most people, I find a rear bridge to be sufficient.

The thing that confused me the most when thinking about buying this car was the Mitsubishi service, which I got called a lot in the past. But finding out, I see things are different now, Mitsubishi seems to have come to understand that what needs to be done more than a car is to take care of customers. The price of service, changing parts is much cheaper, the location of the dealer is also more convenient, I maintain the car right in the city. I feel relieved because I do not have to worry about damage and the cost of keeping the car.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this choice. Although many people say that every car is selling the best-selling to buy, but in fact, not all cars are suitable for the masses, also suitable for me. Every time my friends asked if this car had something good to buy, I was afraid to explain, so I just invited a test drive, and they all expressed surprise after driving.

Wish you find a car you like, even if it is not a car that “people” choose.

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