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How drivers around the world thank you for giving way

Drivers may nod or raise their hands to signal when others give way, but the most famous is the flash of emergency lights in Japan.

The most famous is the way of thanking Japanese drivers. If another vehicle allows them to merge into the lane, they will flash the warning light 2-3 times instead of saying “Thank you”. Even this way of saying thank you has been caught in other places, like Singapore, perhaps impressed by people who have been to Japan and adopted it.

Japanese drivers turn on emergency lights to thank them for giving way. Video: Town J

Outside of Japan, the most common way in the world when a driver wants to show his gratitude when giving way is to raise one hand as a greeting. If allowed to merge into the lane, the driver will raise one hand towards the rearview mirror in the vehicle so that the person who has just given way behind will see. There are also people who will lower their glasses and raise their hands out to wave slightly.

If the person giving way is on the opposite side, the driver can also raise a hand in greeting, or if busy with the steering wheel, simply raise the index finger, or both index and middle fingers to thank. Another similar way is to give a thumbs up.

Ways to say thank you to others when giving way

Raise your hand towards the rearview mirror to thank the driver behind for giving way. Photo: Dreamtime

In addition, a slight nod towards the other person can also replace a thank you. And the recipient can smile back. The above ways are simple and do not disturb the people around.

But there are also drivers who will lower the window and say thank you out loud to the other party. This method is not recommended because it can be distracting and the other party may not be able to hear.

Raise two fingers to thank the driver in front.  Photo: Jeep Guide

Raise two fingers to thank the driver in front. Photo: Jeep Guide

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