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How much does it cost to raise a luxury car?

The cost of maintenance and repair is much more expensive than a popular car is always a question of first-time luxury car users.

In addition to fuel costs, maintenance, repair and replacement of components are the main parts that make up the cost of car maintenance. If the money to buy gasoline and oil is something that can be easily visualized through the fuel consumption index, the remaining amounts are quite vague for people who have started to have the need to switch from cars to affordable cars.

Basically, luxury cars also have the same maintenance levels as popular models. Most car manufacturers are divided by small, large or medium maintenance levels, and large by distances of 5,000-10,000 km. Depending on the company, the maintenance fee is different, but basically it will be 30-50% higher than ordinary cars, the difference comes from all three factors: labor costs, material costs and maintenance items.

The main replacement parts will be in the oil filter, air filter, brake pads, spark plugs, alternative oils such as engine oil or combustion chamber cleaning products. In addition, the cost will be in the cost of labor, accompanying materials or rubber rings, plastic clamps…

Previously, German luxury cars were often less durable in rubber parts, faulty electrical system details, suspension systems and sensors in the car, while luxury cars from Japan often less errors. However, recently, companies have paid more attention to localization, so European imported cars are as durable as popular cars.

BMW vehicles are serviced at an authorized facility. Photo: BMW Le Van Luong

When putting carriers on the scale to compare maintenance costs, there will be a big difference at medium to large maintenance levels, but at small levels of 5,000-10,000 km, the costs are similar.


Mercedes sells the most luxury cars in the Vietnamese market, dividing maintenance every 8,000 km or a year, whichever comes first. The average maintenance fee for most cars is about 5-8 million VND. The company’s major maintenance level is high when many items are disassembled and labor costs are quite high. The German automaker is recommended to perform maintenance every 8,000 km or 1 year, whichever comes first.

The initial cost of buying a Mercedes car is quite affordable compared to others, but maintenance is a different story. In recent car models, the cost of replacing parts periodically as well as Mercedes’ workers is often quite high and detailed. Therefore, the cost for major maintenance can be up to 100 or even 120 million VND.

The price of spare parts has also been a much-talked-about issue for Mercedes in the past few years. A pair of GLC mirrors costs up to 150 million, because there are many electronic details inside.


The German automaker divides the maintenance interval slightly more than Mercedes, every 10,000 km (excluding the first 5,000 km maintenance). Maintenance levels will be repeated once every 40,000 km. For example, 10,000 (or 12,000)-20,000-30,000-40,000 are small to large milestones. Thus, maintenance of 50,000 km will be a small milestone, equivalent to 10,000 km. The maintenance fee for these landmarks is about 3.5-6 million VND, a bit cheaper than Mercedes. The bigger the car, the larger the insurance amount.

With a large level, the maintenance fee will fluctuate from 18-35 million VND depending on the number of parts to be replaced, the cost of materials as well as the labor cost from time to time. For example, the car mirror has a genuine price of 25-45 million, the reverse camera is about 8-15 million. With the Mini brand, maintenance and spare parts are usually 10-15% cheaper than BMW cars.


Compared with the two German brands mentioned above, the Japanese brand has a different maintenance policy for customers, in the first 3 years customers will not need to bear any additional costs when maintaining the car. After 3 years, Lexus will divide maintenance levels into small, medium and large milestones. Usually, the larger the levels, the more details need to be repaired, so the maintenance item will also be pushed up.

However, since starting to pay, small maintenance milestones have a rather high fee. For example, the low-end maintenance cost for the NX200t small car is about 6 million, followed by 11 million for the medium large and 23 million for the big milestone. Larger vehicles will be about 10-30% more expensive to maintain. But the deeper the Lexus car, the higher the maintenance costs. It is not unusual for an LX570 to cost 150 million to maintain.

For replacement parts, a pair of Lexus mirrors will cost about 25 million VND, if there is a camera, it will be about 48 million VND. With the more expensive car models, the more expensive the replacement parts and the 10-30% difference in the replacement cost.

Volvo Car Service Workshop.

Volvo Car Service Workshop.


Another luxury car brand from Europe that is also confidently applying a free 3-year maintenance policy is Volvo. The Swedish automaker also assigns a maintenance milestone every 10,000 km, and the cost is almost the lowest in the segment, only about 2.8 million for small maintenance (10,000, 70,000 km), while the large and large level is 40,000 km. is 7 million and when running to 240,000 km, the maintenance fee of this level is only 23 million, which is only equal to an average level of Mercedes.

The expensive and cheap maintenance costs of brands also depend largely on the longevity of components. Volvo Vietnam said that there are customers who run the XC60 up to 60,000 km a year, in the past 2 years have run 135,000 km but have not had any problems other than periodic replacement. The durability of the material is one of the reasons why the company is so confident in providing free maintenance. The most expensive cost for each replacement belongs to the outer belt set, with a price of only 5.4 million VND.

If you have to replace the details on the car, the 37 million Volvo mirror is also a pretty small number compared to Mercedes. If the car is scratched and has to be repainted, the paint cost is about 25% higher than that of popular brands. The image that this car company is building is a durable European luxury car, the cost of repair and maintenance is only slightly higher than that of ordinary cars.

Other brands

Audi Maintenance costs are not announced, but according to the car owner, the maintenance level of this car company depends on each car model, ranging from 4-8 million VND. The price of replacement components such as mirrors or cameras ranges from 15-40 million VND.

Land Rover is the car company that applies the warranty policy at the furthest point, when the company’s recommendation for maintenance is about 12,000-13,000 km apart depending on the model or once a year. Currently, the company is applying a free maintenance policy of 5 years or 65,000 km, whichever comes first. Replacement parts of Land Rover are quite high when details such as doors or steps, lights cost VND 50-300 million.

A non-genuine service facility.  Photo: Pham Son

A non-genuine service facility. Photo: Pham Son

Porsche is the most secretive car company in terms of maintenance. According to some car owners, each maintenance will cost 6-25 million VND depending on the mold. The cost of replacing parts is not cheap. Lamps or mirrors cost 30-200 million VND. The company recommends customers to maintain in two levels, small and large, from two small levels to one large level.

Maserati perform maintenance between 30,000 – 40,000 km or 4th year. cost about 14 million. The average left rearview mirror cluster is about 38 million VND. This number is not fixed, but depending on the features and complexity of the technologies integrated inside, the price may be higher. The price of some other spare parts such as air filter: 3.3 million VND, oil filter 1.8 million VND.

Bentley nice roll Royce are two super-luxury car brands, with many personalized details, so the maintenance fee may change, or according to a separate schedule set by the company for the owner. However, according to experts, the maintenance cost of these models is not cheap and there may also be a free maintenance policy for the first 1-3 years.

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