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‘How to borrow and lend cars with culture’

The lender needs to understand the purpose of borrowing the car, on the contrary, the person who borrows the car also needs to have a sincere intention to wash the car instead of thanking it.

I disagree with the article “Only good people don’t lend cars.” In my opinion, cHuman life is essentially based on relationships, including needing help and helping others. Living like that is the “symbiosis” and the essence of social civilization. Civilization is built on the standards of culture, life skills, communication and so if anyone has insisted that I don’t need to borrow a car, I never lend a car, it has many negative connotations.

No matter how polite and respectful a person is, there are times in his life when he must borrow a car, not only an expensive car but a motorbike or even a bicycle. If I’m rigid in my opinion that I don’t borrow and I’m afraid of taking risks and bothering the car owner, it’s like making it difficult for myself in some situations.

When borrowing a car, it is important that you be honest with the owner that I borrowed it for urgent work, not borrowed it to boast, go around and grapple. You just need to be vague, the reason for borrowing is not really because of work, it’s like lowering your self-worth. Maybe the car owner won’t say it, but will guard you against other things in life. In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the car before borrowing, avoid borrowing cars that are too expensive or have features that are not suitable for your driving skills. In particular, borrowing a car also needs to know how to repay the car owner by filling up gas, washing the car, inviting each other to eat and drink coffee and support each other with other things in life.

For car owners should apply the habit of asking questions to car borrowers. Outright refusal is not necessarily a good way, because refusing to each person is different. If the car owner is not clever, it will lead to misunderstandings. You can “signal” that a vehicle that is normally used is busy or has been lent to someone else at the time. If the borrower should ask carefully how long the borrower is, where to go… If the borrower just knows how to drive, you also need to be frank in communication, avoiding respect, sloppiness and if there is a problem later, it is difficult to talk. . Asking questions to the borrower is a clever “warning” tactic that I am also a careful person, not a loaner. Borrowing my car must know how to take care of it.

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