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How to bring a polite car key

There are many ways to wear the car lock at different times to suit the situation and of course to be polite in all cases.

With the bad sentence “How to bring the car keys to you for convenience?” Personally, I find it possible to solve the problem in the following ways:

When traveling, traveling, coffee, eating with friends, going to work late at night, going to work without communication: should be worn at the leech (waistband).

When going to the office, party, party, birthday, seminar to communicate, receive guests, receive prizes, receive gifts: Should put in your pocket first.

If traveling in a carpool and being someone else’s car, the keys should be in your pocket or bag.

In any situation while driving, it is worn on the pants and when arriving, depending on the above environment, this applies, when using the vehicle itself, the key is always with you.

However, it is necessary to change, adjust and subtly, consciously, delicately when wearing the key to the right time, do not choose to use a convenient way but will not fit around.

For example, that day you are communicating with the sui but wearing the key ring is not beautiful in front of everyone. Or when you get the typical business award, you should keep the keys in your pocket so that the organizers do not mistake you for driving to accept it. When going out drinking with friends, you should wear leeches to avoid losing.

Finally, avoid leaving the keys in a purse and the keychains can fall off at any time.

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