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How to buy a new car without being ‘disgusted’

Observing the facilities, the attitude of the sales staff and the after-sales service determines a lot of your purchase of the car you want.

As I predicted before, as soon as there is information about reducing registration fees, most airlines have cut off most of their promotions. Therefore, consumers who buy cars at this time basically do not benefit too much. It is only beneficial for some people who buy a car to “cover the blanket” and wait for the tax first.

But buying a car is still a must. As far as I know, some car manufacturers in the past half year have tightened the price management between dealers, the price difference for a model is almost nonexistent. There are also a few different cases, but most of them are either diplomatic or the agent intentionally made a mistake. In case, if the car price is not different or the difference is small, how should I choose?

First, buyers should choose a reputable dealer by observing the sales staff’s facilities and service attitude and after-sales service.

In terms of reputation and service attitude, most of the sales staff are very welcoming (customers are money), but there are still some crooked, non-verbal, even flashy customers like “agent policy” I’m like this…”. So when buying a car, instead of finding out at one dealer, you should “surf” to find out many dealers. Even at an agent should try to strike up a conversation with more than two different salespeople to “catch up”. Rogue salespeople are found in every dealership and are more common than decent people.

Continuing, the story considers this vehicle versus the other. I strongly advise not to listen to outsiders. If you go to this car group, you will be told to choose this car, when you go to the other car group, the car will say that the other car is good. Cars are like food or love, each person has a taste, each person has a hobby. The best way is to go see it, touch it, sit it in person, test drive it and feel it for yourself. Finally, choose according to your own opinion, considering both usage needs and family economy.

The story of accessories is also worth noting. I don’t blame the dealers for this. But dealers do not manufacture or import accessories themselves (or have but have all types of perfumes, headrests, cruise cameras), most of the installation of additional items for customers such as electric folding mirrors, leather seat covers (for the low-end version). ), undercarriage coating, side-mounted camera, Android screen are all calling people outside the company to build. Thus, the economic loser is still the user. Instead that should go out making cost savings. Should choose reputable toy stores, appraised by the car community. These places also have a warranty policy for products from 1-3 years depending on the item.

Finally, observe the facilities. Buying a car should choose dealers who have well-maintained garages, do not leave cars lying in the yard or on the street. So is maintenance. Should look at the size of the factory, the skills of workers to choose.

In particular, after buying a new car, many people want to maintain outside the company to reduce costs. If the car is out of warranty period, do not say, but when the car is still in the warranty period, it should be maintained in the company so that any problems arise will be supported in the best way, saving time.

Readers Nguyen Hoang Phuong


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