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How to control the source of friends on Zalo, avoid disturbing

Monday, January 17, 2022 15:30 PM (GMT+7)

Zalo users should actively set up appropriate friend sources for their accounts, instead of just leaving them as default.

Using Zalo for a long time, many people must have encountered a situation where a stranger made friends with them without understanding why. That’s because Zalo allows members to search for each other through many sources, even automatically make friends / send friend requests when saving someone in the phone book.

If you are a careful person or simply want to control the sources of friends from the Zalo user community, users can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > select Privacy.

Step 2: Option to cancel or keep “Automatically add friends to contacts”.

Step 3: Go to “Friend Sources” to further establish your presence via phone number, account name (username), QR code, public group, business card or suggestion from the “Maybe you know” feature created by yourself. Zalo decided.

Some options to control the source of friends on Zalo.

In addition, users can set up more options “Receive messages from strangers”, “Show status “Viewed”” and some settings related to log and moment security.


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This will also prevent users from sending the wrong message when it is incomplete.


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