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How to create reminders, mark appointments quickly with Viber

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 08:32 AM (GMT + 7)

Viber has allowed users to set reminders in My Notes.

Viber’s free messaging app has just launched a new feature in My Notes, which helps users to set reminders for important tasks and events. Specifically, this feature allows users to track all messages and reminders within the application in a simple and secure way.

Simple reminder feature on Viber.

Viber users can track their daily activities, set up to-do lists, set notes and set reminders for important activities and appointments. This simple action contributes to a tidy lifestyle. This is very important to maintain control of your schedule and plans in a busy life.

To create a reminder, users only need to:

– Press and hold any message in My Notes.

– Select “Set reminder”.

– Optional date and time as well as the number of repetitions as you like.

The reminder will appear on the phone screen at the selected time. This update will work in parallel with the features available on My Notes, helping users to perform actions as easy as:

– Notes for work, events or other purposes.

– Mark “done” and hide completed tasks.

Forward messages from chats to My Notes, display the same chat source to help users remember conversation context.

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