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How to drink while driving a picnic?

Traveling is difficult to avoid “overeating” and safety in the group requires a non-alcoholic driver.

In my article on “The intangible value that cars bring”, family travel or group travel is chosen by many people. However, some readers are concerned about safety after having a drink and then continuing to drive. Yes, it is better to have a car than not to have it but for readers mr.hoangvannguyen Share: “I disagree with the idea of ​​driving the whole family to a certain beach, buying seafood on the spot, then baking with the charcoal stove to bring in the car, and then drinking with chilled beer Strong alcohol right on the beach, this scene is popular in movies. Then on the way back, you prepare 40 million VND to pay a fine to the traffic police, wait 23 months to get back the license; not to mention whether there is any collision “.

I see, you must be unmarried and have never driven a car, right. Firstly, the law would fine 40 million, take away a driver’s license, when people just drive to the drinking place and drink alcohol there. Did I say in the article that I should drive myself after drinking. In my opinion you’ve “swapped the concept” between driving to drink and driving after drinking, or by “hasty generalization” already.

Second, I have always supported the notion that the car serves the whole family and the more family members can drive, the better. I advocate “Should buy a car just to go out?” let your wife drive, at least to avoid motion sickness, or not. Most families of my friends have at least two drivers who can take turns driving on field trips. Last Tet we “made” a round of Ho Chi Minh City – Siem Riep – Phompenh – Ho Chi Minh City more than 1,000 km in a week must also have more than one person take turns driving.

Third, I think many people have never been to family picnics or self-driving groups. If possible, you should try organizing a combined trip to the beach and mountain (Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet – Nha Trang – Da Lat- Ho Chi Minh City). Note: to drink alcohol, you must know the law and enjoy it, you must know how, okay.

This is also good, so try, in supermarkets that sell non-alcoholic beer – Alcohol Free. The special thing is that if you do not say before, no one has just tried it and immediately recognized it as Alcohol Free. That means the taste is not different from alcoholic beer, just drinking without “dull” only.

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