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How to enable advanced protection on Google Chrome

Thursday, August 5, 2021 15:15 PM (GMT+7)

Enabling Enhanced protection will help increase security and keep your data safe.

First, update your Google Chrome browser on your computer to the latest version by clicking the “…” icon in the right corner and selecting Help – About Google Chrome (about Google Chrome). ). In the new page that appears, users just need to wait a moment for the update process to complete, then click Relaunch to restart the browser.

Update Google Chrome to the latest version. Photo: MINH HOANG

Enhanced protection is the maximum security level offered by Google Chrome at the moment, and you can easily enable it by going to Settings – Privacy and Security. privacy and security) – Security, then enable the Enhanced protection option.

How to enable advanced protection on Google Chrome - 2

Enable Enhanced protection. Photo: MINH HOANG

From now on, Google Chrome will scale up to identify threats and warn malicious websites and extensions before users download them. In case your password is exposed due to a data breach, the browser also immediately sends a warning.

You won’t notice any changes in your browser, but it will protect you from cyberattacks and data breaches.


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