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How to find the lost iPhone even when the device is turned on silently

Thursday, April 15, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

A new Google feature will help you find your lost iPhone even when it’s turned on silent mode.

Finding a lost / missing phone is always a tricky matter. Most of the time, we usually put the phone on silent mode to avoid disturbing those around us, however, this sometimes causes some problems if you accidentally lose / lose the device. be.

Recently, Google has added a new feature, which helps users locate a lost iPhone even when the device is turned on silent mode. Note, this feature only works if you have the Google Home app installed and connected to Google smart speakers.

If you accidentally lose your iPhone in the house, just say “Hey Google, find my phone” through Google’s smart speaker. The Google Home app now sends an important alert to the iPhone, which can bypass the Do not disturb mode and silence it.

In addition, Google Assistant also supports Assistant Routines (similar to Shortcut iPhone), allowing you to perform various actions when conditions occur.

Find my iPhone app on iOS is very effective at tracking / managing lost devices. You can find your iPhone on a map, mark the device as lost, or erase the data on it remotely, however, the new Google feature will be a useful option in case you lose your iPhone at home or office.

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