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How to get the inflation allowance of 100 euros, and from when will it be paid?

An “inflation allowance” of 100 euros will be paid to 38 million French people to compensate for the surge in energy and food prices, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday at 8 pm on TF1. All French people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month will be concerned.

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The measure will also encompass precarious part-time workers, minimum social benefit recipients, job seekers actively seeking work, apprentices, tax-independent students as well as those who are scholarship holders. In total, 38 million French people, half of whom are employees, 13 million retirees, will receive this bonus, whether they own a car or not and regardless of their household income.

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When will this bonus be paid? Are there steps to be taken to obtain it? “The Obs” takes stock.

  • What do I have to do to get the “inflation allowance”?

Absolutely nothing. The premium will automatically be paid to your bank account in one go.

  • Who will pay me this bonus?

Different companies or organizations. For employees, it will be their employers. The MSA (agricultural social security) will take care of this for the farmers. Employment center for the unemployed, Urssaf for the self-employed, the State for civil servants, the pension fund for retirees, etc.

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Note that you cannot be refused the bonus if you are eligible for it. Jean Castex underlined the“Obligation, by law, to pay aid”. This premium will also be tax-exempt, you will not pay any tax or charge on it.

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  • When will I receive it?

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Employees, the self-employed and job seekers should receive the bonus at the end of December. It will be paid in January to civil servants, while retirees will have to wait for February pensions. The government has yet to announce the payment date for students.

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