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How to install Android apps on Windows 11

Friday, October 22, 2021 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Recently, Microsoft has officially allowed users to install Android applications on Windows 11 without using emulator software.

Windows 11 has been slightly changed in terms of interface, specifically the Taskbar and Start menu, the windows on Windows 11 are also slightly rounded with 4 corners, no longer square like previous versions.

When you click on the zoom in / out icon on the browser, you will see a few options to change the display style. Snap feature was first introduced on Windows 7, then “disappeared” on Windows 10 and now reappears on Windows 11 with more improvements.

Windows 11 is currently being provided for free, users can update by clicking on the Start menu, selecting Settings – Update & Security – Windows Update – Check for Update. If an upgrade is available, just click Download and install, then follow the instructions until it’s done.

Note, before updating, you should back up all data on your computer to minimize possible risks.

Another special feature on Windows 11 is the ability to install Android applications without the need for third-party emulators. Previously, Apple also allowed macOS users to install software on the App Store using a MacBook.

To install Android apps on Windows 11, your computer must use an Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm processor. Currently, Microsoft only allows users to install up to 50 Android applications, although this number is quite small compared to the number of applications available, but that is more than enough for normal needs.

Android apps will be available through Amazon’s store, so you won’t be able to use Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, or Documents.

Microsoft is focusing on providing a seamless experience, so you can use the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between Windows and Android apps.

Users can copy text between Android apps and Windows 11 apps, or vice versa. In particular, the notification section on the Android application will also appear in the Action bar.

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