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How to keep hair safe from sun-sweating in summer, learn some home remedies

Summer Hair Care Tips: Changes in weather affect not only health but also skin and hair. Therefore, experts advise people to change their hair care routine every season. Whether it is summer or rainy, hair reacts differently in every season. In the summer, sun, dust and sweat can prove harmful to the hair. Sweating in the hair can cause hair loss. Sweat contains sodium which is harmful to the hair. In this case, let us know some home remedies which will prove beneficial for hair.

Hair becomes lifeless in summer: People shampoo frequently to get rid of excess sweat and oily hair. But due to the effect of the chemical present in them, the hair becomes shiny and they become lifeless. Not only this, dryness increases in scalp due to sweat and sunlight, which causes hair loss. In addition, when the hair becomes more sweaty, the chances of sticking it to the dusty hair also increases. These dirt can cause itching in the hair.

How to relieve itching of hair: Lemon has antiseptic properties that are helpful in relieving dandruff and itching. Add 15 grams of black pepper powder to one and a half teaspoons of lemon juice and add one teaspoon of raw milk. Apply it to the hair for about half an hour before taking a bath and then wash it later. Apart from this, yogurt is also helpful in relieving itching of the head. It retains moisture by retaining dryness. Apply curd to your hair half an hour before bathing, then wash your head with plain water.

How to reduce hair loss: If you need to get out in summer, put a scarf or cap on your head. Wash hair at the right time. Do not leave your hair dirty for long. Massage, it will increase blood circulation and keep hair strong. Do not tie the braid tightly, nor make tight ponytails. This causes perspiration in the hair which causes hair fall. Take a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

How to get rid of hair stickiness: To get rid of sweaty hair, one should avoid frequent hair washes. Shampoo at an interval of 2 days. It is necessary to use the right shampoo and conditioner. If you use a hair dryer to dry your hair, then this is also the reason for the hair becoming yellow.

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