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How to make rain sounds on iPhone with iOS 15 to make it easier to sleep

Monday, September 27, 2021 06:19 AM (GMT+7)

As usual, Apple has hidden some features in the iOS accessibility menu, with iOS 15 this year a feature called Background Sounds.

Last year, Apple put the Sound Recognition feature in the Accessibility menu. When the phone hears one of the user tones on and off from a list of 15 sounds (including two additional sounds added this year), the user will see a notification. This is a great feature for the hearing impaired because the iPhone can notify the user when a fire or smoke alarm is set up.

iPhone running iOS 15 can become a device to support deeper sleep.

Other sounds that iPhone can recognize and notify users include: cat, dog, car horn, doorbell, door knock, martial glass, baby crying, dry cough, screaming, etc.

To access this feature, users go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition > Toggle on Sound Recognition > Tap on Sounds on the same page.

This year, Apple added a feature called Background Sounds that allows users to listen to relaxing sounds like rain, ocean waves, streams, night noises, and daytime noises. This is the type of sleep aid sound that many people find very helpful.

How to make rain sounds on iPhone with iOS 15 to make it easier to sleep - 3

Access Background Sounds in iOS 15.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds. Users can set an alarm using the volume slider and let it play or not play when other media is running.

Many people assume that a white noise machine will recreate the sound of the ocean or rain to help them sleep at night. But instead of spending so much money, if you have an iOS 15 compatible iPhone, the user’s phone can also help them fall asleep more easily.


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