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How to quickly share Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone and Android smartphones

Friday, January 28, 2022 12:10 PM (GMT+7)

With just a few simple steps, you can easily share your Wi-Fi password with your friends without having to remember what the password is.

How to share Wi-Fi passwords between iPhones and iPads

Starting with the iOS 11 update, Apple has added a feature that allows users to quickly share WiFi connections with relatives and friends without providing a password. Note, this feature only works between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) or macOS, and both must have Bluetooth enabled.

First, ask your friends and relatives to connect to the Wi-Fi network you are using. At this point, a message will appear on your phone screen, asking if you want to share the Wi-Fi password with your friends? If so, the user just needs to click the Share Password option > Done.

Wi-Fi password sharing function on iPhone.

How to share Wi-Fi password from Android smartphone

First, go to Settings > WiFi > select the WiFi network you want to share > click on the QR Code icon. At this point, a QR Code will appear on the screen containing the network name and password for others to access. Note, the name and location of the options may vary depending on the Android device you are using.

How to quickly share Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone and Android smartphones - 3

Users only need to give this QR Code to friends or relatives for them to scan the code and connect to the network.

Note: In order to scan QR Codes, the receiving Android smartphone needs this function (for example, Huawei smartphones have a built-in) or your friends need to install a third-party application (for example Kaspersky QR Scanner). In case of using iPhone, iPad, users only need to open the default camera application to scan the QR Code and connect to Wi-Fi.


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