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How to remove unnecessary apps from mobile? Know how to avoid the problem of phone hang?

Nowadays we use smartphones for everything we do. Whether to do shopping, do some bank work or any other important work. Let’s download apps for all this. But due to downloading more apps, many times the problem of hanging the phone starts. Due to lack of space in the phone and the pressure on the RAM, the phone becomes very slow. If your phone is short of storage and RAM is less than 1 GB, then you may have this problem more. Apart from this, some apps come in every phone which are of no use to us and such apps are not uninstall from the phone due to which the phone starts hanging. Apart from this, you should avoid installing games and unused apps from the phone. Today we are telling you an easy way to delete such unnecessary apps from mobile. With which your phone battery will last for a long time. Along with this, the life of the phone will also increase.
1 First of all you remove the Game app and the lesser used apps from your phone.

Keep only those apps you need in 2 phones. Do not delete apps like google play, google setting, android system, this may cause your phone to shut down completely.

3- Root the phone and now download the superuser app in the phone.

4- Now open this app, in it you will see an option to delete in the top center, then click on it.

5- Now you have to click on the system application.

6- Here you will see all the system app of mobile. The apps you have to delete have to click on the delete icon.

7- Here you will see a warning. removing system apps may cause system instability and other problems Now you have to click yes.

8- Now there will never be useless apps in your phone.


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