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How to transfer data from phone to computer super fast

Sunday, December 5, 2021 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Today, Digital Age will guide you how to use WiFi File Transfer software to transfer data from your phone to your computer faster, instead of having to connect cumbersome cables.

On the network there are many ways to support users to transfer data between phones and computers, however, most of these ways often give slow file transfer speeds and cumbersome connection operations. At this point, the WiFi File Transfer application will be the appropriate choice.

First, install the WiFi File Transfer application for your phone here, compatible with Android 2.1 devices and above.

The interface of the application is quite simple, to use it, click the Start button. At this time, a link (URL) will be displayed on the phone screen, users only need to enter this path into the computer’s browser to connect the two devices.

Copy the link address on the phone screen to the computer. Photo: MINH HOANG

Here, you can access any folder on your phone to download images, videos, documents… If you want to download multiple files at the same time, users just need to tick the empty box located. before the file name, then click Download.

How to transfer data from phone to computer super fast - 2

Select data, files to transfer from phone to computer. Photo: MINH HOANG

The special feature of this application is that it allows you to preview the file content before downloading, saving time and mobile data (if you are using 4/5G).

How to transfer data from phone to computer super fast - 3

Preview files before downloading. Photo: MINH HOANG

Compared to existing methods on the market, WiFi File Transfer supports faster data transfer between the phone and the computer, while preserving the original quality instead of being compressed.

Besides, the application also displays information about the phone’s internal memory, battery capacity… From there, you can organize or delete unnecessary files to regain storage space.

How to transfer data from phone to computer super fast - 4

Transfer data from computer to phone. Photo: MINH HOANG

In addition, the application also allows you to transfer data from your computer to your phone. Note, the free version only supports transferring files with a maximum size of 5 MB/file, if you want to transfer files with no size limit, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

When finished transferring data between devices, users just need to open the WiFi File Transfer application and press Stop to stop sharing. This will add extra security and reduce battery drain on your phone.


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