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How to turn on the Messenger chat bubble on iPhone

Thursday, May 6, 2021 19:16 PM (GMT + 7)

Recently, Facebook has officially updated the Chat heads feature (also known as chat bubble) on the iPhone, allowing users to preview content and reply to messages faster.

Chat heads (chat bubble) is a fairly familiar feature on Messenger (version for Android), displaying chat frame as a window, allowing users to easily preview the content of the message and reply quickly. than.

Recently, Facebook has just started implementing the Chat heads feature for some accounts in Vietnam. Note, since this is in beta, not everyone will be able to enable this feature.

Some iPhone users have been able to use the Chat heads feature. Photo: MINH HOANG

First, go to the App Store, update the Facebook and Messenger apps to the latest version.

When done, simply open the Facebook app, click on the menu icon in the right corner and choose Settings & Privacy – Settings – Notification via Messenger (notifications via Messenger) – Chat heads (chat bubble).

From now on, every time there is a new Messenger message, Facebook will display the chat window in the form of a window, similar to that on Android.

How to turn on the Messenger chat bubble on iPhone - 2

How to enable Chat heads feature (chat bubble) on iPhone. Photo: MINH HOANG

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