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How to use General Galio in the mid lane of the LoL players: Quick battle

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The mid lane is the place to exploit the best strengths of General Galio.

1. GH Be Chanh

With the ability to push troops quickly and exchange strongly at the beginning of the game, Galio can solo kill in the mid or roam to help the jungle depending on the situation, up to level 5 you can “fly” anywhere to save your teammates thanks to the ultimate Super Hung Christmas World.

In a teamfight, go first if you have a chance. If the opponent is an ice formation then it is best to stay to cover the team.

If your team has a lot of physical damage, you might consider replacing Abyss Mask and Disaster Twin Blades with Ice Heart and Frozen Gloves. Alternatively, you can replace Burning with Shield if you are not confident that you can stack the damage to kill your opponent.

2. SBTC Minas

How to use General Galio in the mid lane of the LoL players: Speed ​​War - 3

At the beginning of the game, Galio is inclined to control vision, in the middle of the game to prioritize moving with the team or pushing a wing (thanks to the ultimate), at the end of the game, you should go with the team to capture your team members.

The cases should choose Galio are when the team lacks hard crowd control, lacks damage in teamfights. On the other hand, Galio is a hard counter against magic damage assassins.

If dealing with champions with the physical damage skill set, Galio just needs to attack as usual and equip the Hourglass to finish. During the teamfight, Galio should stay to cover the team because this champion’s crowd control is a lot.

3. SGP Blake1

How to use General Galio in the mid lane of the LoL players: Speed ​​War - 4

Take advantage of the ability to clear the way and large damage from skill 1 and passive, early game should speed soldiers to control with teammates or molest enemy champions. Mid and late game take advantage of the far ult and can approach teamfights at all times to counter gank or organize fights.

Possessing a set of high damage abilities and resistance from ability 2, Galio can completely exchange words with physical damage generals. Use skill 1 on the road and use ability 2 to reduce damage from the enemy, can advance 1 magic item with good resistance like Liandry Threat Mask or Cudgel and then on tank items physics. Limit blood dry to the opponent, take advantage of the ability to push fast lanes to gank.

In a fight, depending on the situation where Galio should rush up or take care of the carry, it’s usually better for Galio to step back towards the carry.

4. RSG Trumhp

How to use General Galio in the mid lane of the LoL players: Speed ​​War - 5

Early game should focus on farming and manipulating the enemy and wait for level 5, then roam the lanes with retainer effect to use the ultimate. In the middle of the game, you should coordinate with generals like Camile or Jarvan IV to catch odd or narrow-angle fights (dragon cave, messenger cave) .The end of the game should be split push (split push), waiting for the opportunity to combine macro moves the wings with teammates.

Galio is currently the most capable champion in the mid lane with a semi-tank play and aftershock control. Has the ability to swap assassin champions, so right now this is the perfect champion in the mid lane.

If you get ganked too much, you can use the time before dragon or before the messenger to actively use your ultimate gank to take advantage of and control large targets with your crowd control.

Although Galio has a lot of damage and control, he should be a champion after fighting due to the fact that this champion is not as tough as Mundo or Garen. Best of all, Galio should split push and then enter after the fight to contribute a large amount of control and resistance to the team.

5. VEC Hide

How to use General Galio in the mid lane of the LoL players: Speed ​​War - 6

At the beginning of the game, Galio should raise Q to clear the soldiers quickly, then take level 2 to go and plug the wards and control the stance. So Q clears the next minion turn to move to the crab earlier than the enemy mid, similarly in the middle of the game, clear the minions quickly and then he can roam gank along with the jungle in 1 lane.

In the middle of the game, you should coordinate with generals like Camile or Jarvan to catch odd or narrow combat such as dragon cave, messenger cave. At the end of the game, you should hit in a split push mode, waiting for the opportunity to combine the macro to move the wings with your teammates.

When dealing with physical champions, Galio should focus on clearing minions with Q, limiting the exchange of skills, so that he can move with the jungle to gank other lanes, take advantage of the regeneration fields when being manipulated. blood will help Galio more confident.

Because Galio is a champion that pushes fast and moves with the team, it is not necessary to have certain champions that can counter Galio, move earlier and exchange more profit than Galio while on the road will limit his ability to move. Galio’s team.

In a teamfight, depending on the situation, if it was a turret dive with the jungle, Galio could either ultiall into the jungle or support while they were diving into turrets to optimize when ganking. Or in the situation where the enemy team dives into turrets, Galio can still ultimate towards an ally to counter gank and defend the tower.

* Reference: Fanpage Speed ​​Chi 247

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