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Hulot case: the spokesperson for Yannick Jadot, Matthieu Orphelin, put “in withdrawal”

Collateral victim or silent witness? Matthieu Orphelin, spokesperson for environmental candidate for the presidential election Yannick Jadot and close to former minister Nicolas Hulot, accused of rape and sexual assault, was put “Withdrawing from its responsibilities”, campaign director Mounir Satouri announced on Saturday (November 27th) to AFP.

“It was decided to withdraw Matthieu Orphelin from his responsibilities as spokesperson in the environmental presidential campaign. The serenity necessary for the exercise of his functions is no longer possible following the revelations of the Special Envoy ”, explained Mounir Satouri in a press release, referring to the new accusations against Nicolas Hulot. Matthieu Orphelin was not immediately reachable on Saturday evening.

The sequel after the advertisement

The new testimonies against Nicolas Hulot feed “Full of questions for a few days on the state of reality of what relatives knew” of the former host and former minister, then said Mounir Satouri. This is why he was judged “Opportune to free him from this responsibility (of spokesperson, editor’s note) and leave him free of his answers and his communication”, he said.

Matthieu Orphelin said in a press release on Friday, “Stunned by the testimonies heard” in the Special Envoy report the day before and called for “Strengthen our collective vigilance and our actions in the face of violent behavior against women”.

Abuse of providing

On the same day, a former EELV activist, Pauline Lavaud, said on BFMTV that she had been excluded from Nicolas Hulot’s campaign for the party’s internal primary in 2011 because she “Excited him too much”. Following this testimony, the feminist outfitter collective asked EELV for accounts via Twitter on “The identity of the people who dismissed Pauline Lavaud” and Matthieu Orphelin to know if he “Ignored” that.

The wanderings of Monsieur Hulot

Orphan puts his feet in the dish

The deputy Matthieu Orphelin, a close friend of Nicolas Hulot who was at the heart of the communication of the presidential campaign, said to have been informed by Yannick Jadot of his “Automatic withdrawal” one hour before the information is made public. He said in a statement to take note of this decision “And the pattern used”.

The sequel after the advertisement

But he put his foot in it, clearly evoking “Internal tensions”. ” I’m not fooled “, he added, explaining that he “Served on Yannick Jadot this week” his wish of ” end “ to his functions “Given the difficulties of the campaign and (its) non-adherence to its strategic choices”. He regrets a “Lack of mobilization on young people, lack of consideration for the dynamics of the popular primary”.

Regarding Nicolas Hulot, Mathieu Orphelin insists:

“I repeat that I have never covered the slightest reprehensible act of Nicolas Hulot and that my support is entire for his victims. “

Yannick Jadot also arrested on Twitter

“Yannick Jadot reaffirms his total support for the victims and underlines the extraordinary courage of the women who testified”, underlined the campaign director in his press release. But the environmental candidate is also singled out by the collective, which wonders about the content of “Rumors having circulated in a not very sympathetic way” to which he alluded in “Ebdo”, in 2018.

The Paris prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation on Friday after the broadcast of a resounding investigation by France 2 in which several women accuse Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault, which he fiercely denies.

The sequel after the advertisement

At least six women, including one underage at the time of the facts, implicate Nicolas Hulot who has long been one of the favorite personalities of the French. In the 62-minute report broadcast on Thursday evening on the Special Envoy, three of them testify, including two with their faces uncovered.

This sidelining of Matthieu Oprhelin five months before the presidential election is a hard blow for Yannick Jadot, who remains under 10% in the polls and fails to take off against his competitors on the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) and Anne Hidalgo (PS).

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On Saturday evening, he reaffirmed, through the voice of Mounir Satouri, his “Full support for victims” and greeted “The extraordinary courage of the women who testified”.

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