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Hyundai Kona let rookie Mazda CX-3 surpass sales

In May, Hyundai Kona sold 469 vehicles, ranked third in the segment, 67 vehicles less than the CX-3 and continued to let Kia Seltos create a big gap. New elements, youthful design, quite competitive price of VND 629-709 million help CX-3 get off to a positive start. However, to measure the level of customer interest, the imported Thai model needs more time.

The upgraded version of the Kona’s mid-life cycle has been released to the international market, but TC Motor has no official information on when to distribute the same version for the domestic market.

Since entering the Vietnamese market in 2018, Kona has gone from the position of a rookie to the throne of the segment after overthrowing EcoSport, and now has to cede the throne to Seltos and, most recently, the CX-3 is also threatening.

A Hyundai Kona model rolled in Quang Ninh. Image: Duc Huy

The difference in sales of Kia Seltos with Kona is currently 4,456 vehicles after the first 5 months of 2021. With an average sales of about 356 vehicles/month, Kona has little hope of retaining the segment’s throne before rival Setos, a selling model average more than 1,200 cars/month, 4 times more.

Seltos is recreating the image of Kona herself from the second half of 2018 but with much greater strength. Because Kona’s highest sales have never reached the milestone of 8,000 vehicles per year, while Kia’s model took only 5 months to reach more than 6,200 vehicles. The peak of sales of Hyundai Kona in 2019 with 7,863 cars is not difficult for Kia Seltos to overcome.

Besides the strength of Seltos, the sub-CUV urban CUV segment witnessed the steady attraction of Toyota Corolla Cross, a larger, more expensive model that is closest to the sales of Kia’s products. For a long time, Toyota Vietnam has not had a new product that attracts as much attention as the imported Thai model.

Corolla Cross can be considered as the least pure Toyota model in recent years that is being interested by customers. Sales of Toyota Corolla Cross since opening for sale in August 2020, up to now, have reached 10,000 vehicles.

Young appearance, many options, rich safety technology, interesting operation, Corolla Cross creates a different Toyota image from what is often seen in Japanese automakers such as conservative design, modest options, technology. slow update, operation is not appreciated. With the novelty in design and meeting just enough needs, the price is not too high, Seltos and Corolla Cross are contributing to the strong fluctuations in car choice in the B-segment CUV segment and the whole CUV group. grade C.

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