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Hyundai Santa Fe discounted more than 80 million inventories

Hyundai’s crossover model is priced at 35 to more than 80 million dong depending on the version, with 2020 production cars.

Currently Santa Fe has six versions but only two versions of premium petrol and oil deep promotion. Dealers say the reduction does not apply to vehicles manufactured in 2021. The number of cars at the dealership is not much and the main color choices are black and red.

Version Listed price Reduction Real price
2.2L high quality oil 1,245 85 1,160
2.4L premium gasoline 1,185 75 1.110
2.2L special oil 1,195 55-70 1.140-1.1250
2.4L special gasoline 1,135 35-55 1.100-1.080
2.2L standard oil 1,055 15-35 1.040-1.020
2.4L standard gasoline 995 5-10 990-985

Unit: million dong

Premium oil is reduced at most about 85 million, this can be changed from 5-15 million, depending on the agent. Followed by the high-end gasoline version also decreased quite deeply, about 75 million, bringing the transaction price to 1.11 billion.

Agents said to reduce prices after Tet to discharge production inventories from 2020, and at the same time stimulate demand at the beginning of the year, the occasion always has slow sales. The release of inventory is not uncommon in many models, especially cars with long product ranges like the Santa Fe. Neither dealer nor TC Motor has revealed anything about the new version.

Rarely does the Santa Fe, like other Hyundai models, have such a deep discount, although sales are still quite good. In 2020, TC Motor sells 11,425 Santa Fe units, leading the D-size SUV and crossover segment.

Launching a new version at the end of 2018 with a new look and a series of convenient equipment, Santa Fe is always the preferred model for many Vietnamese customers. However, price pressure from old rivals such as Fortuner, new Pajero Sport or competition from new competitors like Sorento makes Santa Fe wary. In the first month of 2021, dealers reduced registration fees by 50% for Santa Fe buyers.

Current Hyundai Santa Fe. Image: Tuan Cao



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