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Hyundai Santa Fe is the Car of the Year 2021 – VnExpress

Looking for the answer to the problem, should increase output first to create motivation for supporting industries, or develop technology to meet demand, Mr. Nguyen Minh Son – General Director of Hyundai Thanh Cong Automobile Manufacturing Company said that the company expects suppliers to achieve the following factors: on safety and the environment, meeting typical standards, then stories about prices and delivery schedules.

“If we meet a suitable supplier that meets the above requirements, we are ready to answer questions and make efforts to cooperate,” Mr. Son emphasized.

From the perspective of a strategic planner, Ms. Chi Binh said, Vietnam has been pursuing this story for 5 years now, recently the situation has changed a lot because the government has been more supportive, businesses have created favorable conditions to continue. access to loans.

“However, supporting industry enterprises are still very small, hopefully Vietnam will have a few large component suppliers of similar stature to Denso but with Vietnamese “nationality”, so that we can sit together. If there is such a unit, the parties can agree to understand the needs, meet the market’s expectations, and expand with Vinfast and Hyundai to the world”, Ms. Binh said at the talk. Car Awards 2021.


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