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‘I bought Fortuner despite having many points to lose to the opponent’

Fortuner has this and that other than competitors, but it is important that your needs match its strengths or not.

Read the consulting question “Review Toyota Fortuner?”, I want to talk about the journey of buying this car and have a few words with the author and everyone about the car full of market. It must be said the journey, because I bought a car for a month. Before I bought it, I owned a 2011 Kia Morning, machine 1.1. Honestly, that “old horse” is still in normal use. Although 10 years, the number of kilometers on the car has not reached 70,000 km, so only maintenance and replacement are small. Because of the great need for children, it is inconvenient to go out every time, so I decided to buy another car.

My criterion is to be versatile, can be used for many different purposes, the machine must be stable, so I have to aim to be an SUV. Also due to financial conditions, consider the level below 1.5 billion, each purchase is a difficult time, so also consider, consider all kinds of things, learn about this car, refer to the other, test the other car … Really, it was originally intended to buy the Santa Fe. This car is not an SUV, but when he heard that I intend to buy a car, he kept mentioning that it was good because he was also using it. In addition, seeing many good reviews online, I was also discouraged. From the beginning, I did not intend to buy Fortuner when I read too many people criticizing it, but in reality, I have not verified it because I have not used it and the critics have used it or not, I am not sure.

After going to the wedding of my younger brother from Ha Tien, I experienced nearly 700 km on my friend’s Santa Fe, I changed my mind. It’s fair to say that Santa Fe is very quiet, compact, flexible, a whole sky of technology, the cockpit is also very modern, the engine is smooth, so I was immediately convinced. But when going to Trung Luong expressway and especially down the West road, the road surface is a bit pockmarked or concrete, it reveals many defects, the glass window is groaning, the sunroof on the road is bad, and it runs slowly when After hitting the driver all the way, I heard a soft rattling sound, I did not know if the steering wheel was right, but the most annoying thing was the tire noise, which was extremely annoying when hundreds of kilometers heard the beehive noise in the ear.

My friend said that because of the zin tire, it should be hard, replacing the other tire will be quieter, but I think changing the tire can only be partially reduced due to the monocoque chassis nature, so the tire sound insulation cannot be better. I do not compare environmental sound insulation, but if comparing the sound insulation of chassis and tires, the Santa Fe may not be as good as the Innova because I often travel on business trips on Inova. The Innova is soundproofing the environment, the engine compartment is worse, just the Innova presses the number to hear the buzzing.

The one that I like the most is probably the Everest, the smooth street, the road is also fine, though a bit floating, the engine is oil but the soundproofing of the engine compartment is very good. But it was really hesitant because I witnessed a lot of so-called stable, durable, it seems that the Ford Evrest has not really reassured users, although the salesman said the 2021 life has overcome for lives like 2019, 2020.

Turning to test drive Pajero Sport, the design I don’t like, the technology can be said to be very good in the segment, but there are only diesel engines, but Mitsubishi diesel engines are quiet but if the car is stationary or running under 50 km /h still hear the sound of the engine echoing into the cabin, not much better than the Fortuner.

On the way home from the dealership to talk to the driver of Grab, when he learned that I was going to buy a car, he blurted out, “I have been hired for decades for a dozen types of cars to tell the truth to me, no child can pass Toyota. If I have money, I also buy Fortuner “. I said that the car was criticized, what was noise, what was a weak engine, so … “Just try it and see if people criticize it right?”.

And so at the end my car buying journey ends at the 2021 petrol Fortuner 2 bridge. In terms of exterior design, interior, options, each person will have a different opinion, view, I do not judge. . I just say a little bit of comments, not judge because I have only used a few months. In terms of environmental soundproofing, not equal to Santa Fe or Everest, chassis soundproofing, tires are much more than Santa Fe, highways or bad road tires echo into the cabin very small.

The engine is more inertia, but not very hot when the accelerator is pressed. On the occasion of the last ceremony, my family took 2 more days off and took a trip from Saigon – Da Lat – Buon Me Thuot – Dak Nong and I felt satisfied. There are times when it comes to slippery red dirt roads or large elephant nests, deep water can see the versatility of the vehicle. The rear fork is a bit stiff, it is correct to say that a jumper is not correct because the suspension is stiff, so it extinguishes the oscillation quickly. The power steering wheel is variable speed but still very heavy, with no steering lights, so it’s a bit sorry.

Regarding the level of fuel consumption, I calculate the divided km, it is about 10 liters / 100 km on the road, the city is about 15 liters, this is bad but compared to the Kia Morning 1.1 and the body is half lighter. then I think it’s reasonable, if going in the Morning city is also about 10-11 liters, or the petrol Sedoda is also about 21-22 liters.

Above are some lines of my comments about a newly purchased car, not because of my car, but I compliment, but feel for yourself, not listen to anyone. Buying a car is important how it serves you, is it suitable or not and the most important thing is how you drive it.

Wish you have a more equitable view of a vehicle.

Readers Pham Duong


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