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I don’t even take you seriously – when Mukesh Ambani gave such a reply to Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai: Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai is known for his opinion on all contemporary issues with impunity. They often remain in discussions about their tweets on social media. Rajdeep, who is associated with the India Today group, is also known for taking a candid interview. Recently, his interview with Riya Chakraborty was very much discussed. However, at times, he has to face sharp response from the guest during the interview. One such incident occurred when he was interviewing famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

Rajdeep was in talks with Mukesh Ambani, the country’s richest industrialist and owner of Reliance Industries Ltd, at the India Today Conclave. Starting the conversation, he said, ‘Today I have the most powerful person in the country. No, Narendra Modi is not with us, he is with us, Mukesh Ambani.

After this Rajdeep asked Mukesh, ‘When I said the most powerful or powerful person is with us, how do you see it?’ To this Mukesh responded to Rajdeep and said, “I don’t believe it, I don’t even take you serially.”

After that Rajdeep started saying ‘what is this thing’ and Mukesh started laughing. Rajdeep, who has been doing journalism for a long time, understood the chance of the occasion and turned around and asked Mukesh about his inspiration. This was not the first time that this has happened to Rajdeep, even before he has had to face such a reaction.

A similar situation arose when the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, was asked questions about the Gujarat riots. Rajdeep was a part of CNN News18 in those days. He said- “Is the 2002 Gujarat riot preventing you from moving forward in politics?”

Responding to this, Modi said, ‘I wish Rajdeep that he is living on this issue for the last 10 years. Their livelihood goes on this issue and I had heard that those who abuse Modi get Rajya Sabha seat, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. I wish you all the best that you too reach the Rajya Sabha with the help of such friends, get some Padma Shri Padma Bhushan. ‘

However Rajdeep continued to ask questions. He again asked Modi, “Is the 2002 riot hindering AAP’s politics?” Modi said, ‘You have a 24-hour channel, you run a lot of news on it, debit a lot.’

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