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I have drunk milk of both mother and buffalo – Lalu Yadav gave some answer to Advani’s challenge

Lalu Prasad Yadav: The date was 25 September 1990. BJP leader LK Advani started his rath yatra from Somnath in Gujarat, amid protests taking place across the country against the politics of Mandir and Mandal commission. The yatra was supposed to reach Ayodhya on 30 October and Advani was to join the car service there. Bihar was also included in all the stages of the Rath Yatra.

Here, with the announcement of Advani’s rath yatra, the then Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav was wrinkled. They felt that communal riots could take place after Advani’s rath yatra reached Bihar. Out of this fear, just before the rath yatra, Lalu met Advani in Delhi. He has given full details of this in his autobiography “Gopalganj Se Raisina – My Political Journey”.

Lalu Yadav writes in his autobiography, ‘During my meeting with Advani, I told him without any restriction that you stop your journey of rioting. With great diligence we have established brotherhood in Bihar. If you take a riot trip, we will not leave… ‘.

Advani became angry after listening to Lalu: Lalu has written in his autobiography, ‘I spoke to Advani with great decency, but Advani, who is known for his calm image and sweet speech, got angry after listening to me. He said “I see who has drunk milk of Mai, which will stop my chariot journey”. Lalu further writes ‘I shook Nahle and replied – I have drunk milk of both mother and buffalo… Let me tell you in Bihar’.

Amidst all the tension, Advani started his rath yatra and was arrested in Samastipur on 23 October when his rath yatra reached Bihar. In this way, this rath yatra could not reach Ayodhya.

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