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I refused to shoot – Kalyan Singh said on the demolition of Babri Masjid, himself wrote his resignation

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh has been admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) in Lucknow after his health deteriorated. In view of his deteriorating health, he has been kept on life support system. Once Kalyan Singh was counted among the veteran leaders of BJP. He held many important positions. In 1992, Kalyan Singh was the Chief Minister of UP and during this time the disputed structure of Babri Masjid was demolished by kar sevaks in Ayodhya.

With the collapse of the structure, Kalyan Singh resigned from his post. Kalyan Singh was accused of negligence during this period. The Congress and the Samajwadi Party had even accused him of hatching a complete conspiracy. Former High Court judge MS Librahan had presented his report on this entire matter and in it Kalyan Singh was described as an important culprit. While he kept denying his role.

In NDTV’s show ‘Chakravyuh’, Kalyan Singh had said, ‘The report which was prepared by Librahan Sahab in 17 years could have been ready in 70 days. This report deserves to be thrown in the trash. The demolition of the structure was not a conspiracy at all. It was a reaction to the sentiments of crores of Hindus crushed for hundreds of years. We had made all the security arrangements and it is true that even after that the structure broke down. I was a strong CM. Just as the incident happened even after making sure arrangements for the security of US President Kennedy and Mrs Gandhi. The same thing happened on December 6, 1992.

When Kalyan Singh wrote his resignation: Kalyan Singh further said Was, ‘Librahan sahib said that there was a conspiracy behind this which is completely wrong. I had clearly told the officials to do whatever it takes to protect the structure. yes i firing order was not given. Because it would have killed thousands of people and the structure still does not survive. I have no regrets for the collapse of the structure, nor do I have any atonement. My wish was for Ram Mandir. I say the incident of December 6, 1992 is not a matter of shame but a matter of national pride.

Yogendra Narayan, who was the principal secretary of Kalyan Singh, had told ‘BBC’, ‘If Kalyan Singh did not allow firing, the DGP had returned to his office after hearing this. As soon as the last brick of the Babri Masjid fell, Kalyan Singh ordered his writing pad and wrote his resignation letter with his own hands and took it to the governor’s place himself.

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