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If he did not give tea, he was beaten with hockey, had pissed on his face – Suresh Raina narrated the story of ragging

Raina writes, when the lights went off, the seniors started throwing slippers and shoes at us. Meanwhile, a tall boy sat on me and started urinating on my face.

Summer or winter or rain, seniors used to put their tea mugs under my bed. His order was that before having tea himself in the morning, I should come to his room after giving him tea. Then I was only 11-12 years old. It would have been very difficult to climb up and down the stairs several times to have tea at 4.30 am. If there was a delay in giving tea to someone, I would have been abused, beaten… many times even hit me with a hockey stick. This story is of former cricketer Suresh Raina. In his recent biography, Raina, who was a flamboyant batsman of the Indian team, has told in detail the horrors of his hostel days and ragging.

Suresh Raina writes in his biography “Believe” that he had to stay in the hostel after selection in the sports hostel of Lucknow. Here such children used to be a special target of seniors who would have been sharp in both studies and sports. Get the seniors, junior players to do their personal work. Different methods of ragging are used. Sometimes he would make them a rooster and sometimes throw water on his face.

Used to wash dirty clothes: In his autobiography published by Penguin, Suresh Raina writes that Seniorya used to harass junior children in various ways. They would throw their dirty clothes in our room or on the bed and it was my responsibility to wash their clothes and deliver them. Seniors would find different ways to harass me. Someday at 3:30 in the morning I would have poured ice cold water, it was no less than a torture on cold days. Or get the lawn mowed in the middle of the night.

Had pissed on the face: Suresh Raina has mentioned a scary anecdote in his biography. He writes that once he was going to Agra to participate in a tournament. Along with all the seniors were also there. Many did not have seats, so we spread as much space as we got near the door. Seniors also came there to harass us and when the lights went off, they started throwing slippers and shoes at us. Meanwhile, a tall boy sat on me and started urinating on my face.

Was saved from falling from the train: After that I lost my cool and punched him hard, said Raina. The boy was saved from falling from the train. This was the first time that I had protested against ragging in a violent manner. Then I was 13 years old. According to Raina, later the hostel had also constituted a committee to investigate the matter.

If we meet now, then this is the reaction: Suresh Raina writes that people who made my life hell during hostel days, many times I find them. Now they are happy to talk to me but I think how easily they forgot what they had done to me. They say that ragging is such an evil that it is very important to end, if you are a victim of it then stop considering yourself as a criminal and raise your voice strongly against it.

(Suresh Raina was giving heart to Priyanka at the airport, took a 45-hour flight to propose)


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