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If Priyanka called you brother, will you help the Congress? Chandrashekhar gave some such answer

In an interview with Bhim Army Chief Chandreshekhar Azad, the question was asked about the alliance with the Congress. In response, he said something like this.

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad has started his preparations in view of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Chandrashekhar Azad has made it clear that he is fighting these elections to oust BJP from power. On the question of alliance, he said that the options of alliance are open. An alliance will be made with any party with like mindedness. Apart from this, he was also questioned about the alliance with Congress.

In an interview with ‘UP Tak’, Chandrashekhar was asked, ‘Congress ki baat hai. Priyanka Gandhi had reached the hospital to meet you. Congress also needs support. You are meeting with Samajwadi Party. You have speculations about Owaisi and Rajbhar too. Will you be satisfied by sitting in the opposition or will you fight for the betterment of the people? Because it is very important for him to come to the government.

Chandrashekhar replied, ‘We are already in the role of opposition. Priyanka ji has called me brother, so her brother can definitely leave her, but Chandrashekhar will be seen standing. Everyone wants to form the government, but no one wants to share. We have seen the governments of all, if they had changed the lives of the people, why would there be a need for Chandrashekhar? Today those people know that these people do not want to fight. I do not invite any crowd by paying money. Now Dalits have open options.

Chandrashekhar’s answer: In the meantime, he was asked, ‘Now, tell me with whom will you make an alliance in the election or will you fight alone? Do not give an answer like Pramod Tiwari ji at all. Chandrashekhar said, ‘It is not so at all. Earlier, there was an alliance of BSP-SP too, but what happened in the results of the elections? Socialist went because the people did not like it. BSP has gone and now BJP will also go. It is clear from this that the people like the work and only those who like the people get the power.


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