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If you are planning pregnancy in Corona period, then keep these special things in mind

To prevent the danger of Kovid-19, do yoga and meditation at home.

Planning a pregnancy in the Corona period is a very difficult task. During this, it is necessary to protect both mother and child from corona. During pregnancy, a pregnant woman needs to take care of her diet and body activity. Corona is constantly changing its form, after the delta variant of Corona, now people are more at risk from Omicron virus.

Women and children need to be more cautious with the Omicron variant. Corona infection during pregnancy can become a danger not only for the mother but also for the unborn child. If you are also conceiving, then take care of some special tips so that infection can be avoided.

Eat a balanced diet: If you are planning pregnancy, then first of all take care of your diet. Include foods in the diet that are rich in nutrition. It is also important to avoid certain things in the diet. Junk food, excessive oil masala, oily food, packaged food can harm your and your baby’s health.

If you have been hit by Corona, then keep in mind like this: If you have conceived and during this time you have come under the grip of corona, then do not worry. You quarantine yourself. Keep checking your fever and oxygen level. Avoid coming in contact with too many people. If you have not taken the vaccine, get vaccinated immediately.

Do some exercises: To prevent the danger of Kovid-19, do yoga and meditation at home. Exercising relieves stress and also relieves anxiety. Do anulom-inverse exercise at home, the health of your lungs will be fine.

Keep distance from people: Avoid coming in contact with more people during the Corona period. Avoid going to crowded places. Follow the rules of Corona. Wear a face mask and sanitize your hands.

Do not touch face and mouth Do not touch your face after touching the chair, table, knob, door in your room. Wash hands then touch on nose and mouth.

Make sure to wear a mask: To protect against corona, always keep a mask on the face. If you are going out of the house, keep sanitizing your hands.

Contact with the doctor online: In such a situation, keep in touch with the doctor online.


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